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Ekaterina Balitskaya

Reflections on canvas and paper
on relationships in space


04 February 2019
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04 February 2019 renovation

A site name conversion has occurred.
This is connected with the inner self-awareness, with the identification of oneself, one's own name. For me, the idea of continuous movement, change with change, thinking about time, memory, studying human emotions remains important. I move forward, master new media and create new series of works.

I Wish you wonderful discoveries!

08 December 2018 the recycling

The idea of this series was born from constant thinking in my head. In the past, there are always situations in which it was possible to act differently if we could have come back. In the past, there are illustrations that you don't want to remember, but for some reason, they stand out more clearly than others. There are stories on old canvases that are no longer relevant. This series is my way of rethinking the past, something I cannot influence anymore, but I can change the course of history in the present in order to live freely in the future.

Thank you very much for your attention!

01 March 2018 Spring

dumkaptaha is a phoenix.

The bird capable of reincarnating. Every spring she invokes the power of light with her song and colorizes her magic dances in new colors. She germinates seeds of mutual understanding and plant new plants in magical forests.

I congratulate everyone with Spring!

I am your dumkaptaha.

26 November 2017 Art Love Festival

The exhibition will be held on November 27-30, 2017 at
International Design Center "Art-Play" (Moscow, Lower Syromyatnicheskaya str., 10).

25 September 2017  Art Geo Award

Address of the exhibition: Moscow House of Artists, Kuznetskiy Most street, 11 from September 26 to October 1.


11 May 2017 Moscow Manege

From 10 to 12 May 2017 in the Central Manezh in Moscow will host an exhibition "Golden Ring of Russia". Central Manezh - the main official place of Moscow, next to the Kremlin.

27 February 2017 Moscow Federation Championship Kung Fu

Moscow Federation Cup Kung Fu February 26th

26 October 2016 verse

Poetry slam in Partenit, Crimea, 2016.

13 June 2016 Exhibition in NYC - Central Park

April 3, 2016 in the Central Park of New York Good Artist project presented exhibition of Ekaterina Balickaya. Curated by Victorya Danelyan and Tatyana Tsvelodub.

29 April 2016 Moscow Art Week

I participate in the exhibition Moscow Art Week.
Please welcome!

20 September 2015 Art in the future

25 September - 28 October 2015. Participation in the curator project of Rostan Tavasiev and Sasha Burkhanova "Future. Art in the imagenary future", 6 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Museum and Exhibition Centre "Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa".

The project of future "Charge".

15 August 2015 Illustration

The cover design for the book "How To Write A Movie in 21 Days The Inner Movie Method by Viki King". First publication in Russian.

18 October 2014 ICA

Between Here and Now


12 September 2014 drop a spark

Drop a spark. Through the thorns to the Stars! This is the motto and main layer of the new painting.

We are surrounded by the systems similar to each other. If something is true for the small system, this is also true for the big one. Every inhabitant of the Earth carries a net grain that is constantly trying to break through to the Sun by erasing and raising the senses.

Through the thorns to the Stars!

09 August 2014 exhibition

Exhibition of creative higher education institutions Student Art PROM


01 July 2014 White&White

26 June - 6 July 2014
Exhibition "White&White" in Moscow


21 June 2014 dance

Dance is a rhythmic movement to the music. It is a harmony of all sources. It is honesty. It is impossible to lie in the dance, otherwise it will not success.

The painting Dance presents schematically a part of the choreography alphabet. Each figure has its own movement, sight and goal. And no one sees what actually says now her body.

04 June 2014 hide-and-seek

White on white 2 is a continuation of reflections on games of Self and surrounding World.

Renunciation of nature and simultaneous dissolution, lubrication of personality in the social environment. Loss of a true sense of Unity. Split of life planes, gradual and natural loss of sense.

15 May 2014 transformation of perception


Exhibition "From analog to digital".

New painting 10-36.

Just after the birth the state of Universe was driven by the four fundamental forces (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, and gravity) due to the extreme temperature combined into one force called Unified Field or the Theory of Everything. When the age of Universe reached 10-36 seconds, the Unified Field was divided into different fundamental forces and the substance in the Universe entered to the inflationary epoch characterized by fast expansion of space. Art and science conduct an experiment to answer the fundamental question how the Universe was born.

The Big Bang is just like one beat of a pulsating heart. Even big data are not capable to describe what is happening. It is reflected by obscure lower layer of the painting. The artist covers the past by black lines similar to Brownian motion. Unclear smears and lucidity parts, outlines of something born before 10-36 seconds - a search in the dark, to the touch, a guess what had happened.

17 March 2014 ship of fools

Ship of fools is well addressed topic in the art. Both, ships and fools always were, are and will be.

In my interpretation Ship of fool does not sail anymore and all its passengers have disappeared without trace. A lifebuoy didn′t save anybody. Only a robot remained of the total abundance that monitors how the ship gradually grows into the bottom of the sea. A sole survivor having been left with nowhere to go and nobody to tell what really had happened with the ship and its passengers.

24 October 2013 The muse of dance

The Muses in Greek mythology are the goddesses of the arts, science and history.

Terpsichore - the muse of dance. Even invisible threads of the universe sounds in her hands. Her dance tunes them and therefore souls can easily navigate in the infinite space.

25 September 2013 Two elements

Two elements - earthly and heaven, past and present, rational and irrational.

Harmony appeared at a moment when they touched each other and the cycle of rebirth closed up at the intersection of Eternity and Time.

26 August 2013 New painting!

Unity - awareness of the commonality of all the cultures.

An image of the One Spirit of the Universe is painted in combination of the Indian tradition and Russian icon.

Static composition of the painting creates a mood of tranquility, but the active background is made in accordance with Chinese philosophy and gives active movement from the center. The red square represents the Earth, four seasons, four times of day. Black Circle is The Light, The Sky and The Cosmos.

Thus you are in Peace and in Harmony with the World, moving at the same time in accordance to your inner center.

14 August 2013 watercolour paint

Illustration can tell the whole fairy tail, underline a principal event or explain a thought. An icon, painting or children′s drawing always tell the stories.

New watercolors are presented for your attention: Guards, Companions, Struggle and A horse .

Have a good and fascinating reading!

03 July 2013 figurativeness

The figurativeness of language gives possibility to convey the sense. The figurativeness of thinking allows perceiving and understanding. And the figurativeness in live helps to switch roles, change masks and play games.

New painting Figurativeness in series HIDE-AND-SEEK can be rotated and seen from any side and it would be right viewpoint.

Wish you understanding and joy!

15 June 2013 triptych Guardians

Various beings, Fairies and Deities live in the World. They are the deities closest to us. They are our guides and guardians, and they show us signs when we remember them.

Triptych Guardians is dedicated to Heaven and Earth Guardians. Bezaiten - goddess of Heaven. Kasanori - male fox, Earth Deity. Blue Sky Dragon Seiryo-Daigongen flies between. Triptych forms figure-of-eight as a symbol of Gratitude and Infinity.

Thank you!

08 June 2013 art painting interior

Dumkaptaha took part at the Day of Creativity "Create your library at park"
on June 8 in Kiev and painted a house for books.

Welcome to the city central park and take your book to exchange!

02 June 2013 still lives

I return to still lives again and again. Step-by-step understanding of space rules, environment subjects and influence on each other delight me!

Every environment time of a day and season enrich composition by new colors. For example, the world is united by blue color at fresh air, while yellow colors are exhibited in artificial light.

Still life 29 and Still life 30 were created in night time. But at current time the space itself, subjects location in relation to each other and air between them are important for me.

Wish you harmony with your environment!

23 May 2013 Achalanatha

There are 3 images of Buddha: wisdom, compassion and unshakable decision. Achala (Achalanatha) is the image of Buddha that embodies the unshakable decision of Buddha to not lose the true path. Achala is embraced by the fire that purifies him of delusions. The fire symbolizes wisdom that has power to burn and purify from impurity. Strand and sword are the ordnance of Warrior that serves him to catch the drawbacks. If you decide to achieve your goals - become Achala!

19 May 2013 Appeasement

In the universe flow of galaxies there is a number of interconnections. Gravitation and repulsion, aspiration and slowdown. These are the relationships processes of planets and particles. Various beings are involved in these experiments. They exchange color, warm or cold, wish or fear. Every molecule interacts and influence on each other. Every second we can feel the unity with what is going on.

Appeasement - a new painting in the series "Hide-and-seek" tells about interchange warm and tenderness.

04 May 2013 Thank you!

My personal painting exhibition "Find myself" has happened!

I would like to thank everyone who has visited it and everyone who believes in me!

I conducted excursions myself and helped visitors to read the artworks. It allowed me to see my art pieces by many eyes.

Today I am happy to present you two new paintings.

First piece"Fing myself" was created a cosy December evening from nature. This painting depicts a naked girl that are reading a book. She is naked because she is ready for new experience and new knowledge that she gets from the book.

Second piece from the series HIDE-AND SEEK "Reflection". A flip flopper. It was finished at the end of Spring. Man and woman are reflected in each other. Masculine and feminine origins overflow in each other. And again the game of unconsciousness masks the reality the way it suits us.

Thank you very much for you interest!

25 February 2013 find myself

April 3 - 21, 2013
Kiev Museum of Dreams,
Kiev, 55 Chigorina str.
Friday: 17 p.m. - 20 p.m.
Saturday: 14 p.m. - 17 p.m.
Sunday: 14 p.m. - 18 p.m.
Admission: 30 uah.

Personal painting exhibition of Kateryna Balytska "Find myself" encourages you to make a pause and deep into yourself.

Museum space, painting filling walls and ceiling, gramophone with records at your choice and taste and folding bed in the middle of the hall where you can comfortably lie down to have a dialog with yourself and artworks.

The art of thought excitement is the feature of same things to wake up new emotions.

Everybody plays hide-and-seek game with subconsciousness and Self Interior and exterior are often difficult to distinguish. What is more dominate in us, either what we are in reality or what we imagine about ourselves?

The artworks heroes are busy with the seek of Self, study of Self, perceiving of Self and they are fascinated by endeavors to exhibit themselves or vice versa to hide their Self. People are naked and opened to the World on the paintings.They have been seeking for your self in dreams, in books as well as look in the real world. Does the ultimate immovable Self exist? Is it possible to hide all your drawbacks? >How to see yourself from all sides? We always tend to be good, beautiful and interesting, but this does not happen every time. Even if all sides of diamond do not shine, it is still diamond. Might be it will be easer to find yourself starting to improve and strengthen your best qualities, then to blame yourself for your drawbacks.

You could left behind your disturbing emotions, relax by music chosen by yourself, release your disturbing thoughts and find new and fresh ones, as well as feel yourself with joyful colours and even to lie down. The paintings do not hurry you. Stop to see!


03 January 2013 master - class

7 January, Monday, from 12 p.m. to 16 p.m. Kiev Museum of Dreams, Chihorina 55, Kiev

The painting and drawing day at Kiev Museum of Dreams is my master - class where I plan to help everyone to express themselves. The main thing for me is to show the joy of creation and transfer it to those who want to receive it.

This day we try to give life to your ideas and thoughts you have been thinking about for a long time, but didn′t now how to embody them. For example a portrait of your lovely cat, or your beloved, a bouquet of flowers, a landscape, emotions, aspiration or dream. We kindly ask you to take your materials of drawing with you, what will be the most convenient for your to draw.

This day we are using pencils, liners, Indian ink, watercolour and acrylic as well as melange of techniques and collage.

The painting and drawing - it is work that that makes you more beautiful and people around you becomes happier!

If you don′t know how to draw or know a little, or maybe you used to draw and have forgotten, or you are good at drawing and need some help and advice - you are welcome!

If you are afraid of white and pure paper, we will help you! If you wish to open yourself and open new worlds, we have the key and map!

There is always time to know about the new and deep into the known!

master _class

17 December 2012 for children

With great joy I announce the start of the project at Kiev Museum of Dreams.

Children′s day at the Museum is directed to development of child abstract thinking, to opening of their inside creative potential, to making an establishment of contact with children of the same age and not only. Their work will help to understand much more better color and forms, their meanings in our world! The most little kids will practice their motility fingers which helps to develop their language.

Children′s Day is directed to help children to open themselves in their common and creative part of life!

children day

22 November 2012 being of war

Being of war is the painting, that like Russian icon shows all history in one fragment. Every epoch does not start here and does not end here, every epoch is living NOW!

Primordial people hunt and struggle for live. Knights defend their lands proudly and bravely. Soldier with weapon do not see whom they are shooting. Tanks do not need roads and machines follow orders. Rockets have intention to annihilate...

19 November 2012 SKY

My New Sky!

20 October 2012 Exhibition - performance NightmareArt

The most anticipated event - The Museum of Dreams in Kiev opens its doors! Now every person can peep into her own dreams and transcend the limits of the reality and dream.

The Dream Museum invites to the exhibition - performance NightmareArt - other side of nightmare. The disturbed dream is under art-research at Kiev Museum of Dreams. The exhibition is scheduled 21 October - 30 November 2012.

Dumkaptaha participates in the experiment. "My installation "The artist nightmare" is presented at NightmareArt. I reveal my own experience to the viewer and try to excite the thought about the necessity to have not only the aspiration, but also is is important to act according to it".

Be brave! Take out your thoughts from the bag!



08 October 2012 The exclamation

The new painting The exclamation of one-sided reflection.

The Ocean is mind. The Sky is spirit. The mind reflects the spirit. The flows of life between the Ocean and the Sky bring us events that are reflected in our mind only from one side. These figures are not just squares on water, but many-sided volumes.

29 August 2012 Fairy Tale

This painting was presented with gratitude to Buddhist master, Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the head of Buddhist denomination Shinnyo-en during Merit Transfer Service in Kiev on 29 August 2012.

We believe that our fairy tales will be the most expressive story about our old land.
Heroes of our tales such as the frog- princess, the hut on hens legs, the firedrake, seven-league boots and magic tree are the particles of our parents and grand-parents that have been passed on from ancient times.

In every person and human being there is Light that becomes apparent, but it remains untitled, uncaught and unguessed. Shinnyo-en teaches us to recognize this Light in ourselves and other people. Thanks to the interaction of these particles of Light, the marvelous, beautiful and harmonious World appears.

We are living in the expanding Universe. Shinnyo-en is the way that let us feel with joy our own expansion together with the Universe.

24 July 2012 Light, Color and Shadow1

An object cannot exist independently from the entourage. Light and atmosphere have an influence upon its character, reflection and even the form. The entourage draws carefully what was hidden. It can be either defect or highlight. The relationships on the verge attract me as before and thoughts transform into colors and shadows on canvas.

My new still lives teapot in the evening and teapot at night.

18 July 2012 The Box of Dreams

Usually a box keeps some stuff and objects. The box at Kiev Museum of Dreams keeps beautiful dreams and protects you from troubled dreams. You can come to the Museum any time and put your dream to the box.

10 July 2012 think of nothing

I am happy to share with you the new born thought. This is the painting - oxymoron think of nothing. Our thoughts often storm not only in parallel planes, but also they are about absolutely opposite ideas at the same time. When you think about nothing, something very important, necessary and desired comes up.

The painting belongs to the series of painting - oxymorons.Combination of non-combined demonstrates the ambivalence of things, thoughts and deeds. Opposite ideas are always united in one and therefore they easily swap places. Vision of such order of things can help in acceptance of reality. New Future is the future perceived in a new way and from every quarter.

28 June 2012 Light, Color and Shadow

I am happy present to You my new still lives with vegetables, gym shoes and small gym shoes.

The harmony of Light, Color and Shadow creates Beauty. There is no Light without Shadow and the object is not visible without Shadow. Color is decomposition of Light spectrum. Light created everything. Light is principal, however it would not be distinguished without Shadow. Shadow in its turn does not beget, but only accentuates. Shadow absorbs. Light disperses, nourishes and exposes. Shadow would not become saturated and filled with depth without Color. And Color would not get tones and sound without Light and Shadow. Color is nourished by Light. Color can become both Light and Shadow.

Light, Color and Shadow created length, width, depth and all the objects acquired the properties of light, color, length, width and depth. 6 senses correspond to them: intuition, sight, hearing, sense of smell, sense of touch, taste. Intuition in everyone is God element. Light is particles "cocktail" flying from the Sun. These both inner and cosmic developed the life on the Earth.

The still life art is directed at fundamental principles cognition of World and our Universe. Observing the interaction of simple forms and lines, the interrelation of everything and everyone on our planet becomes clearer. We do not exist separately, we penetrate one through another and pass through every detail living in one stream.

14 June 2012 The first news

Which came first, the chicken, the egg, or the tree? A THOUGHT - the point at the beginning of the Universe. Every artwork on canvas, paper, cardboard begins from the touch and then lines storm a plane. A form grows from shadows and color comes out from Light.

Welcome at my website!
dumkaptaha, Ekaterina Balickaya